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Extract URLs From Text - Get Domains From Multiple Email Addresses.


Web URL Domain Extractor,Extract URLs from Html - Text Lines | String | List Excel ,NotePad ++ Text Filter.

URL Extractor Features :
Get Domains From Email Addres List . Each group is separated by new line . Option to sort Url Links alphabetically . Group Url Links by number specified by you . Option to extract "Domain Names" from email addresses . Select different separator for each Url Links (or enter your own). Option to extract or exclude Url Links containing only certain string . Extract Urls without repeating the same Url . Display total extracted Url Links (counter).

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Essential, Simple Web Browser Based Text ,String And Character Manipulation Tools.

Useful For Students Of All Ages And Skill Levels, As well As Teachers Professional Text Editors - Writers And Professional Coding Programmers - Developers.


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