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  Extract Url From Text Email List ,Leads.

 Online Url Extractor , Online Link Extractor , Online Ftp Extractor ;

  • Extract Web Addresses,Url,Ftp Links from any text with this free utility;
  • Url,Ftp Links Extractor Features:
  • Extract Url,Ftp Links without repeating the same Url;
  • Display total extracted Url,Ftp Links(counter);
  • Select different separator for each Url,Ftp Links (or enter your own);
  • Group Url,Ftp Links by number specified by you.
  • Each group is separated by new line;
  • Option to sort Url,Ftp Links alphabetically;
  • Option to extract or exclude Url,Ftp Links containing only certain string;
  • Option to extract "Domain Names" from email addresses.
  • Simply copy, paste and start extracting.


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